Heartfull moments 5: meeting with remarkable Spirits

Work in progress….continuing my path on the trance-journey…

As before, using moving meditation facilitated a deep altered consciousness while being grounded.
The deep stance of my legs gave a strong rooting for the whole body while I felt free to let the energy move my limbs.
Immediately the visions unfolded befor my eyes
This time I went to my Grove: an open clearing in the woods, many trees standing in a circle.
For sure, Wolf was there again to meet and greet!

This time I had the chance to ask for guidance:
What’s the meaning of our meeting? Wolves are gathering in the woods….
I met the she-wolf, this was fated…What is our wyrd?

‘This meeting was arranged for mutual healing’

After these words, it was time to say goodbye…

I give thanks to my guide: Wolf






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