the King of Elflands Daughter

Who are you, he said,
    to the woman before his eyes
    I did not see you coming,
    and so I’m quite surprised
    To find that I can see the sky,
    looking through your eyes
    I cam across the void, said she,
    Yes, I’m a stranger here
    And I have need this moment,
    to whisper in your ear
    A favour I would ask of thee,
    and so will you draw near?
    She breathed herself like whiskey
    into his waiting brain,
    All in amaze he turned and asked
    the lady of her name,
    You know me from your waking dreams
    of when you were a boy,
    I am the king of Elfland’s Daughter.
    Now friend, will you drop everything
    and come away with me,
    Along the rocky cliffs so high
    and then across the sea
    Come and join our faerie band
    in our dance among the trees
    I will, he said, and took her hand
    and so they journeyed far,
    And called a dance together
    between the daylight and the dark,
    And if you should go seeking them
    you’ll find them dancing still
    She breathed herself like whiskey
    into his waiting heart,
    And in the end it mattered not
    they came from worlds apart,
    He a mortal man and she
    quite something else again,
    She was the King of Elfland’s Daughter.

Mark Unger


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